Mar. 30 2018 @ Silicon Valley


30 + Professional speakers


50 + Well qualified projects


1000 + Guests


50 Millions Influence

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About the conference

The 2018 Silicon Valley Blockchain Investment Summit, hosted jointly by GBIB (iBankey) and HYSTA, will take place on Friday Mar 30 in Santa Clara, USA. With the theme “Unravelling Mysteries of the Future-changing Blockchain Technology", this event aims at bringing the deepest insights in blockchain technology, especially from the perspectives of technology, investment and entrepreneurship. It will feature 25+ industry experts, top-tier investors and successful entrepreneurs in one of the most in-depth discussions of blockchain as a technology, an industry and the core of many emerging business opportunities. This event will connect 500-800 speakers and attendees from US, China, Japan, Korea and Singapore in exchanging ideas from the forefront.

  • Blockchain Primary Market Investment
  • Identity Token Value
  • Trading or Investing
  • Blockchain Technology Development
  • Diversified Blockchain Applications


Shoucheng Zhang
Stanford University Professor
Danhua Capital Founder
Andy Tang
Draper Dragon Fund Managing Partner
Eric Ly
Founder and CEO of Hub
Former Co-founder of Linkedin
Ron Cao
Founder and Managing Director at Sky9 Capital
Blockchain.com & BTCC Investor
Qiang Li
Amino Capital Managing Partner
Yuqing Zhang
TSVC Co-Founder
Keith Teare
Acelerated Digital Ventures Executive Chairman
Feng Han
Chairman of Elastos Foundation
Zhen Cao
JD Capital Investment Director
MengKe Li
UpHonest Capital Partner
Lucille Hu
FBG Capital General Manager
Edith Yeung
500 Startups Partner
Scott Robinson
Founder & VP of PNP FinTech
Top 100 Fintech influencer
Rain Huan
Influence Chain Founder
Song Liu
Xiahong Lin
Bodhi Founder
Adam Ludwin
Chain.com Co-Founder & CEO
Tim Byun
Lucas Lu
Founder and CEO of 5 miles and Cybermiles
Preethi Kasireddy
Schelling Founder & CEO
Former a16z Partner
Srinivasan Sriram
Skuchain Founder & CEO
Armin Ebrahimi
ShoCard CEO
Toni Xu
Super Game Chain CEO
Weijie Yun
Founder and Managing Partner at Tyche Partners
Paul Veradittakit
Partner of Pantera Capital
MacLane Wilkison
Nucypher CEO
Eric van Miltenburg
SVC of Business Operation of Ripple
Alex Witt
Zini Zhou
Chief legal adviser
Chief Compliance Officer
James Eggleston
Senior Analyst of Power Ledger

Media Partners

The summit's media lineup is huge. More than 50 media from more than 9 countries will follow up on the summit thoroughly and comprehensively.

 Strategic Media Partners
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GBIB (iBankey) focuses on investment services in the blockchain industry, with a global team actively engaged in the international blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. It serves investors through due diligence, deal referral and consulting, while helping startups with fundraising, financing, distribution and global market development. GBIB’s highly professional team of analysts and high-net-worth LP resources aim to help startups rapidly incubate, media promotion, complete financing. Its founding team members consist of experienced professionals in finance and investment, with previous experience working at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, CICC etc. GBIB’s portfolios include: InfluenceChain and CentRocket etc.


Established in 1999, HYSTA is the leading non-profit US-China professional organization in Silicon Valley. Fostering leadership, entrepreneurship and cross-border collaboration, HYSTA aims to help an elitenetwork of scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, global company executives,, professionals and students to better connect and leverage the resources of the community. Today, with 20,000+ community members and 300+ partners including prestigious universities, corporations and diverse professional and business organizations, HYSTA serves as the major platform where US-China tech and business leaders explore opportunities, exchange ideas and discuss collaboration.


invisible name

Influence Chain

Influence Chain is the first global decentralized data engine of value of influence, which is dedicated to building a worldwide stage of influence and value with Blockchain and Distributed Storage. Influence Chain Foundation is spontaneously organized and operated by enthusiast from countries around the world, aiming at looking for persons of public awareness or social influence from all walks of life and reflecting its new dimension value by using Blockchain technology. Influence chain creates a token based Ecosystem that exploits the advantages of private blockchain by building up a token exchange where influential power (individualized intellectual property) can be monetized into digital assets for the token holders.INEX (Influence Exchange) is the core application platform created by Influence Chain. By turning their future influence into tokens and trading them. At present, Influence Chain has successfully rooted in Asia and Europe, strategic cooperation agencies and teams have been established in South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.



Is any parking area available for guests?

  • Handicapped Parking is available directly in front of the Convention Center.
  • 1,500 on-site parking spaces in a 3-story parking garage on the Santa Clara Convention Center campus shared with the Hyatt Regency and TechMart.
  • Additional overflow parking may be available in surrounding lots based on availability.
  • There are six Electronic Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations at the Convention Center, and 49 in the nearby City of Santa Clara Tasman Parking Garage.