Influence Chain

Influence Chain is the first global decentralized data engine of value of influence, which is dedicated to building a worldwide stage of influence and value with Blockchain and Distributed Storage. Influence Chain Foundation is spontaneously organized and operated by enthusiast from countries around the world, aiming at looking for persons of public awareness or social influence from all walks of life and reflecting its new dimension value by using Blockchain technology. Influence chain creates a token based Ecosystem that exploits the advantages of private blockchain by building up a token exchange where influential power (individualized intellectual property) can be monetized into digital assets for the token holders.INEX (Influence Exchange) is the core application platform created by Influence Chain. By turning their future influence into tokens and trading them. At present, Influence Chain has successfully rooted in Asia and Europe, strategic cooperation agencies and teams have been established in South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.