DeepBrain Chain

Leveraging on blockchain technology, we develop a decentralized, low-cost, and private AI computing platform and also provide perfect peripheral products. The artificial intelligence node in DeepBrain Chain can be composed of various forms, including full function node (permanent node) that runs on a large GPU or FPGA server cluster, idle GPU server computing nodes, and individual idle GPU computing nodes in small and medium enterprises. The income source of mining nodes in the DeepBrain Chain is mainly composed of GAS cost and mining token. The GAS cost is the cost of the neural network computing resources purchased by AI factories. The mining token is a token that is rewarded by the system according to the DeepBrain Chain tokens reward algorithm. The DeepBrain Chain token is traded via smart contract based on NEO, and our token is called DeepBrain Coin (DBC), and the mining node is encouraged according to the incentive system designed by the the smart contract. DeepBrain Coin not only ensures the system of safe and stable operation, but also allows all participants to obtain returns, so as to achieve the goal of artificial intelligence factories' low-cost access to neural network computing capabilities. We believe that the DeepBrain Chain platform will become one of the basic platforms in the field of artificial intelligence. It will automatically load the underlying computing requirements of mass artificial intelligence products and promote the development of the whole artificial intelligence industry.